Atmospheric Water Generators

97 per cent of the whole resources of water on the earth is salty water?

So water is of high much importance among all the other raw material for humans. Without bringing the steam in the air into consideration, 60 % of earth surface id covered with water which only 3% of it all is drinkable. 2% if healthy water accessible is in natural glaciers which are melting down slowly as the result of global warming and is becoming usable. Up to 2050, half of the world population wouldn’t have enough water to drink. This amount of water is not at all adequate for growth rate of world population.

GOODWATER is an Austrian company which has started by investors and technicians and skillful marketers. Our aim is to reach the highest position in technology to be able to produce and provide drinking & industrial water in world scale by the name of GOODWATER.

GOODWATER is constantly is researching in the field of water and progressive & creative technology to reach an assurance in expanding markets. AWG system of this company is able to produce 30 to 5000 liter water per day. This company has granted the Legal Agents and representative of household and industrial production in Iran to AB SUN KISH Trading Company.

The equipment of AWG (ATMOSPHERIC WATER GENERATORS) of AB SUN KISH Trading Company, as an Legal and official representative of GOODWATER of Austria in Iran which represents equipment of producing water from Atmosphere, is in the range of 35 to 95 % in industrial and household sizes.

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