HRC (AirSlide) Company in Poland has used the latest world scientific findings and with cooperation of companies that possess technology, has produced a new generation of multi purpose Hovercrafts that in addition to beauty, strength and being light, are powerful and highly efficient. Different sorts of hovercrafts of HRC (AirSlide), in accordance to needs of customers, have been produced and presented in capacity of 1 to 6 persons and for different uses of touristy and recreations- rescue providing services in critical times and design army supports.

 Hovercraft Hovercraft

To produce higher amount of lifting power & driving force, hovercrafts of AirSlide has used all the present engines in the market (apropos to needs of customers & being economical) & as the result, not only has caused reduction in the price, but also maintenance of hovercrafts has been localized and being easy.

By use of light and resistant fiberglass in addition to using standard safety guard for propeller in manufacturing of the body of hovercraft, in cooperation with powerful engines , and has caused the speed of hovercraft of AirSlide in the lightest and simplest kind (250 Kg weight and Engine of 43 horsepower) is 70 kilometer per hour. the speed can be increased by using the powerful engines.

  Hovercraft Hovercraft Hovercraft

Paying attention to all safety regulations in the body design of engines of hovercrafts HRC (AirSlide) has caused that even inexperienced people in deriving and piloting has made them be able to have a safe and enjoyable experience of flying. HRC (AirSlide) hovercrafts have no restriction and they perform perfectly well in every conditions (water, ice, deserts, rock, dust, assault, lawns,…)

  hHavercraft Hovercraft Hovercraft

In the following condition you have no other economic choice except using hovercrafts HRC (AirSlide):

■ Safe entertaining flight without any side effect in air and water (esp. by women and low age people)

■ Giving services in emergency situations (esp. in the coast areas that there is no harbor)

■ Marin safety guards for rescuing in the coastal areas

■ Marin and army supports

   Hovercraft Hovercraft

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