Aqua-Life Catalog

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Modern, unique and unequalled Water Desalination System, Aqua-Life with having advantages of using the newest and the latest scientific and empirical findings and results of researches, and with utilizing the high-technology, has been assembled and produced in “Poland” as the supreme products with cooperation of Germany and Russia. The results of exploiting innovation and creativity and modern technology, which is …

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AqSep Company

لوگوی ای کیو سپ

Responsing to the various needs of the market, Danfoss Company (Denmark) has supplied products with the brand of AqSep to the customers in new scales and new technology. (desalination using R.O technology from Sea water or brackish water). Modern technology, creativity and innovation helped to Danfoss company produce a desalination R.O System that not only have low dimension and weight …

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AQ Technology Company

لوگوی ای کیو تکنولوژی

Providing purified, treated, high quality and healthy water for general and household consumption, in addition to preservation of untouched organoleptic properties of water is the prophecy and pillar of A.Q Technology srl (Italy). To accomplish this important objective and goal, A.Q Technology has relied on knowledge and creative alternative solutions; to produce equipment which in addition to its durability and …

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